Hi! I’m Katherine and I’m a Pet & Family Documentary Photographer based in Seattle, WA. I specialize in Cat Photography, and am probably one of a handful of local photographers who can say so. I am imagining you probably found me because of one of my cat images…

I am available for in-home companion animal and documentary-style family photography sessions, where your everyday is captured by me in as much detail as possible. I am also available for photography sessions for companion animals on borrowed time; I know how important and precious an animal’s life is and want that to be commemorated for you, before it’s too late. Ultimately, I believe all life is precious and our stories are important. Our histories deserve to be recorded, and our memories made permanent through honest and soulful images; I want to share my storytelling with you and create imagery that you will want to share and have in your home. I am particularly known for my intimate and soulful portraits of cats, and extensive work doing rescue pet photography. I regularly do volunteer photography for Seattle Area Feline Rescue, and am very passionate about using the power of photography to get homeless animals adopted.

Have a look around ~ I’d love to hear from you! Make sure you see what I’m up to by going straight to MY BLOG (CLICK up above)! And definitely come and find me on Facebook…!

~ Katherine, K.A.Moore Photography

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