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Songs of Life, ‘Feels Like Home’ | Seattle Pet & Lifestyle Photography

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I have a done a post for the photography blog circle I’m in but the latest song that came up for February – ‘Feels Like Home’ – really made me want to post a particular cat…this guy you see below, Scarecrow. Our blog circle (Songs of Life) centers around a song each month that serves as our theme for the images we post.

I actually had a ton of different ideas this month, and lots of things came up for me that I felt like sharing:

  • Going back to England at Christmas, which was so important for; it was just so good to be back amongst family at that time of year – the first time I had done so in 15 years (but I figured people wouldn’t want to see holiday photos in February)
  • Getting BACK home here after the holidays…I had missed my animals, and home so much, even though it was good to go away for a bit
  • The city of Seattle, because I have lived here for 20 years now, and I have a deep
    kamoorephotography seattle skyline

    Seattle City Skyline. Copyright K.A.Moore Photography.

    connection to it; plus I had all these mushy feelings thanks to the Super Bowl (but I figured no-one would want to hear about the Seahawks right now…too sad). Although, you should check out my city skyline shot that I took last week larger, here on Flickr.

But then I realized, after taking photos – scroll down – of a cat (surprise!) the other day, that THIS is what I needed to post. I’m always thinking so much about what home means, when it comes to not actually having a permanent home yet; being around animals that need forever homes will do that to you. You will see below that Scarecrow came to us, well, looking like a Scarecrow. When he was dropped at the police station (see file photo below), he was covered in dirt and fleas, looked yellowish-brown, was unneutered (hence his great big baseball head!), and definitely needed some major TLC. He ended up at the amazing Seattle Area Feline Rescue  and you can just see by looking at this cat, what a difference that meant.

Right now Scarecrow is in an amazing Seattle foster home and quite obviously it ‘feels like home’ for him. It’s sometimes a challenge to get a 12 year-old cat (a senior, but theoretically, middle-aged!) adopted, and so until the right person (is it you, perchance?!) comes along, that’s where he’ll be. Hanging out with other cats, playing with toys, rolling around in catnip, enjoying life inside with people that care for him and love him…life is pretty good for him now. But after his rough life so far, he deserves to always have a great home. Foster homes are literally the lifeblood of rescues and shelters because they enable animals to be rehabilitated, and re-socialized, and essentially mean more can be cared for. And the best part is that they feel like home.

So if you want to help homeless pets and can’t give money to a rescue, volunteer. If you can’t adopt another animal, you can foster! For so many rescued pets, it makes a world of difference.
*If you are in the Seattle area and want to meet this awesome cat Scarecrow, please email adoptions@seattleareafelinerescue.org

As for me, I’ll be posting info here soon about the in-home photography sessions for pets (and families) that I will be offering. I can’t wait!

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Beavis & the Case for Fostering Animals | Seattle Cat Photography 

Kitty Yoga

I got the chance to catch up with one of the coolest cats recently. Beavis (previously named Electro) had been taken in by one of the most awesome cat foster families for animaltalkrescue.org and what a turn around this guy had made. I had met him months prior, back when he was actually at the rescue; he would sit high up on the beams in Room 1, hiding and shy like his brother Sebastian (who was renamed Boo, by the same amazing foster family). Many adult cats come to shelters and rescues with big stories behind them, but they often have big and wonderful characters that often don’t get a chance to shine until they get a chance to be in a foster home. Such was the case for Beavis. He was suddenly this leaping, loving, lively cat, his personality just hadn’t had the chance to blossom before and to be seen. He can leap several feet into the air, loves hanging out in yoga poses and is affectionate with both other kitties and people. Such a happy sight to see.

Beavis Butt

Well, after my new photos were posted, the rescue got calls for Beavis within days, and he now has his new forever home. It just is obvious how invaluable a foster home was for this guy. I want to encourage cat (and all animal) lovers everywhere that if they want to help a rescue, but volunteering their time and/or donating money often are too difficult, to consider offering help by fostering. Instead of adopting one more animal, providing your home, TLC and attention, can help save numerous animals. They get the chance to learn to trust and love humans again (as many have backgrounds where that love and trust was missing), and their true characters come out. Pressure is taken off the rescue, and whilst you may grow attached in a short time, you will feel joy when a new home for them is found; you have played a part in that animal’s success story. And then there’s a chance for another kitty! You can be a rescue angel too.

xo ~ K

I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.  ~ Jean Cocteau