Rainy Day Pop | Seattle Live Music Photogaphy

We’ve been fortunate to have had some great (even if cold) sunny weather here in Seattle for days now, but finally today the rain suddenly started to pour down. It’s one of those days where I don’t feel so bad about being camped out on the couch (with a half-sick child) doing some digital homework. And now that I’m armed with a faster laptop and hard drive, as well as a little wheeled desk to use my computer on, my photo-processing workflow has become fun again. None of that mind-numbingly slow exporting, saving and uploading that was going on!

Along with creating a band poster, today I’ve caught up with kindergarten photos in addition to gig photos, and I’m about to move onto (and back to!) photos from last spring taken in England. It’s about bloody time, I think!

Here are some gig photos of The Pop Cycle, that I took at the end of January, at back-to-back gigs at the Highline and at Tim’s Tavern here in Seattle. Some hot red guitars to brighten up this dreary day…

Stay warm and dry!! xo ~ K

The Pop Cycle. All Images Copyright K.A.Moore Photography. All Rights Reserved.

The Pop Cycle. All Images Copyright K.A.Moore Photography. All Rights Reserved.


Obligatory Halloween Photo! | Seattle Cat, Music Photography 

Holly here decided to give me a yawn instead of a scary Halloween cat pose; I didn’t get any ‘scary’ kitties on this day of rescue photographs at all, in fact. Lots of shy ones instead.

Holly. Copyright K.A.Moore Photography.

Holly. Copyright K.A.Moore Photography.

So the cat and Halloween… There are many associations of cats and bats and rats (my son loves that these rhyme) when it comes to Halloween, and black cats have particularly had a bad rap when it comes to legend and folklore. Our largely-nocturnal furry friends have/are said to be familiars of witches, and cats belonging to condemned witches during the time of the witch trials, were tortured and killed along with their pet guardians. There is zero correlation between witches and cat sacrifice, so put that idea out of your head; for starters, no true Pagan witch would ever harm a cat. Black cats though, have notoriously been vulnerable around Halloween, thanks to superstition and reports of ritual use; many shelters will not adopt out black cats around this holiday for fear of them being used for ritual sacrificial purposes. I’m a proponent of keeping cats inside (in the city, particularly) where they’re safe from cars, other animals and disease, but I’d say tonight is THE night to do so, rituals or no rituals. And keep them away from the chocolate and sweets!! (more for you that way)

I’d like to share my Flickr set of trick-or-treating for last year: Halloween 2012! My favorite holiday for taking photos. Last year, we were still all about superheroes; this year I have a werewolf on my hands… Sadly I haven’t had the chance to dress up for Halloween this year…quite sad about that (last year I was a zombie cheerleader when I took photos of live music at the EMP).

All Mixed Up, EMP, 2012. Copyright K.A.Moore Photography.

All Mixed Up, EMP, 2012.
Copyright K.A.Moore Photography

Well, everyone have a fabulous, safe and candy-filled Halloween.

When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.”
~ Author Unknown

xo ~ K