Henry & Clyde | Seattle Dog Photography

I desperately need to catch up with all sorts of things that I’ve been up to lately, but this is a quick dose of canine sweetness for you today. Meet Henry & Clyde (so it’s actually a double dose), who I photographed on an overcast morning at Magnuson, here in Seattle. After all the shy cats I’d been photographing of late, the big dog energy and naughtiness made for a delightful change, and a wet one; almost immediately after we got to our shooting spot, Clyde (the big ‘brother’) found one of the teeny hidden spots that go down to the water of Lake Washington, and got himself soaked. Naturally he told Henry, the younger ‘innocent’ pup that he should follow, so they both right away got their groomed coats all soggy. Such is the doggy life!

Of course these two were/are very friendly, as you would probably suspect, and Clyde has a deep bark that commands the attention of everyone around him. They both went barreling around the area with so much excitement – it’s hard not to be enthused when you are around Labradors, retrievers and dog mixes of these breeds; they’re loony!! Cats would just not approve…

You can check out more of the photos from this session over at my Zenfolio Henry & Clyde gallery and be sure to visit me on my Facebook page; lots of news about the new Seattle Area Feline Rescue that is about to open and all the cats that I’ve been photographing.

Enjoy the sun!!

xo ~ K

Clyde Copyright K.A.Moore Photography.

Copyright K.A.Moore Photography.

Henry & Clyde ~ looking for trouble Copyright K.A.Moore Photography.

Henry & Clyde ~ looking for trouble
Copyright K.A.Moore Photography.

Henry Copyright K.A.Moore Photography.

Copyright K.A.Moore Photography.

Thankful | Seattle Cat Photography 

This may be late in the day to say my ‘thankfuls’ but I honestly try to think of them each and every day; my own experiences have taught me much about what I am grateful for. Holding your past trials close keeps you grateful for your comparative fortune of today, especially when it’s a rough one!

I also know the gratitude of a rescued animal; they don’t need a special day to show you how grateful they are for a warm home and heart, food and safety. You can see it and feel it. Cats are some of the most honest creatures I know; they certainly don’t mess around when it comes to showing you how they feel! I am grateful for the purity of a companion animal’s love and spirit.

I’m more than grateful to the animals that have been in my life – they have given me so much – and to those people who do the powerful work that they do to help animals in need. I’m also thankful to have been given the ability to create art and document with my camera, and for those who support me and my work.

Here’s one of the thankful adult cats who has found a new home (Maybelle, sitting pretty :)…

And my former foster kitty, Licorice, who is hoping ‘Black Friday’ is a lucky day for him at the rescue tomorrow…I hope it’s been a good day for you this Thanksgiving – there is always much to be grateful for…

xo ~ K

“Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to.” ~ Alfred A. Montapert