About Me

The SHORT Version:

Seattle-based Photographer; specializing in pet photography (especially cats), family portraits and live music photography. Top cat-rescue photographer, and member of HeARTs Speak (artists volunteering their time and talents to help rescue animals). Also have experience in event photography, school portraits, and have a background in film and video production (as continuity/script supervisor).

Come and check out some of my work here: K.A.Moore Photography Portfolio on Zenfolio and over on Facebook: K,A.Moore Photography, Facebook

Katherine A. Moore, K.A.Moore Photography. (That's me!)
Katherine A. Moore, K.A.Moore Photography.
(That’s me!)

The LONG Version:

But who am I?
I’m a Brit mama living in Seattle, exploring my passion for photography while juggling parent duities, raising awareness about multiple sclerosis, and staying up too late to watch ‘Criminal Minds’ while editing photos and eating dark chocolate. I miss England but I love this city of Seattle that I have called my home for the last 19 years.

My love for both animals and creating a permanent image on film goes quite the way back now. I have loved and worked with animals for as long as I can remember, and went to school for film/video/photography, and then worked in film production for many years.
Now that I am a mom who has MS, and no long working on movie sets (or in veterinary clinics), my creative focus has steered back towards creating images and art as a stills photographer in my free time and as health and stamina allow me. Volunteering my time and skills by creating photographs of rescue cats (specifically Animal Talk Rescue) has fueled my desire to expand my skills into many areas of photography. I am also working towards becoming a full member of HeARTs Speak – “a global network of animal photographers, artists, authors, graphic designers, and advocates who believe in the power of collaboration. By working together, we can reduce the number of adoptable animals unnecessarily euthanized each year – united in our effort as artists helping animals. We come together to save the lives of millions of animals in need and to educate the wider community.” I volunteer my time and skills photographing the cats (and some dogs) at Animal Talk Rescue, so that each and every one of them has a better chance of finding a new home. I am so pleased to say we have been very successful in getting many adult rescue and foster cats into forever homes in this way.

Please be sure to head on over to the Adopt less-adoptable cats campaign page on Facebook to see the latest campaign for Animal Talk Rescue!

I do various different types of photography, with a focus on family and pet photography (my specialty is cats!). I find that with cats, being in their home environment is usually the best option, where they are most calm, and with dogs, wherever it is that their character comes out best. I think the photos that I have created to date, show my connection with my animal subjects, and I always do my best to show their true character.

I also have experience with family portraiture, preschool class portraits, various lifestyle and product photography, event photography, ‘photo booths’, live music photography and children’s parties. My style is more candid and photo-journalistic than posed; I like to capture people in their element as some of the best moments for photos are when the subject is unaware of the camera.

Please contact me via email at katherine.moore.photo@gmail.com if you have a project that I may be able to help you with.
As a HeARTs Speak member, Seattle animal shelters and rescues may contact me about my volunteer photography to help get more homeless animals adopted.

I always to try to draw out the emotion and character of my subjects, whether that be a cat looking for a home, a dog that has been well-loved by a human companion for his lifetime, or it’s creating candid shots for a lifetime event (wedding, children’s party, etc) or at a band’s live gig. Supporting my photography, directly helps this stay-at-home mama with MS (multiple sclerosis) continue this invaluable work for rescue animals and stay creative.

I am forever learning about my craft, but I give my utmost to every project, big or small. I like to try to work around whatever a situation throws at me, including in tiny spaces (such as at a cat rescue), and use available light, minimal equipment, and at the most, flash photography, rather than studio lighting. Film production taught me a lot about working with many variables, composition and being flexible. I just love creating images!
Thank you for checking out my page!!

xo ~ K

**Legal Disclaimer** – Please consider that all photos, unless noted, are the property of K.A.Moore Photography and Katherine A. Moore, and may not be copied or used without my permission, and/or with the intent to pass off as another’s work or to profit from it. All rights are reserved by K.A.Moore Photography and myself, Katherine A. Moore.

7 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Hi there – yes! I was just talking to Natalie the other day about doing school photos. And maybe doing it a little differently than average head shots; perhaps outside. I’ll be working on my ideas and plans for it all very soon!


  1. I’m in West Seattle. I am looking for a local affordable photographer for Maternity, baby shower, and newborn photos. I am willing to pay $300 max. I know exactly what I want, simple poses and really just a few shots. Maternity would be at Alki or Lincoln park near the water and/or the tall trees. Baby Shower at my mothers home in White Center and all I need here is photos of the details and possibly a couple attendees/group photos. Newborn can be at your studio/home or my home with a couple props blankets and such small items I would provide and just a few shots. I don’t want them printed, I want them in digital form. Let me know if this is a realistic request. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Dates: maternity first week of June, baby shower sat may 24th, new born within first week of birth due date is June 21st.

    Dulce Talavera


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