Solstice Parade 2012, Part 2 | Seattle Street Photography 

Solstice-233-13.jpgSolstice Parade 2-001-14.jpguntitled-8-15.jpgSolstice Parade 2-003-16.jpguntitled-9-17.jpgSolstice Parade 2-008-18.jpg
Solstice Parade 2-083-19.jpgSolstice Parade 2-084-20.jpgSolstice Parade 2-105-21.jpgSolstice Parade 2-111-22.jpg

Solstice Parade 2012, a set on Flickr.

Here’s the link for some Solstice Parade photos on Flickr. You can also find the bike ride photos in my photostream right before these 🙂 Enjoy all the color!

xo ~ K


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