Photo Session Blog: Two Kids and a Crazy Pup

This was a fun session!

Copyright K.A.Moore Photography

Copyright K.A.Moore Photography

Having worked for years in film and video production, I constantly heard ‘never work with children or animals’ (not that crew really have control over that bit) and I have to say, there is good reasoning behind that warning! But luckily when you’re behind a stills camera, you can work with tiny slices of time and there are lots of stories you can tell with those little moments…minus the forgotten lines and cues, SAG limitations, and someone desperately needing a nap on set (and I didn’t necessarily mean the crew).

But after putting aside the scripts and call sheets, I’ve found that I can actually handle the crazy Labrador running toward me and my camera at top speed, tongue hanging out, and trying to jump on me. And I can also handle cats both scared and angry, and even climbing all over me in a tiny room while I try to take photos. I am a big animal freak after all.  And those kids? It turns out a lot of them actually do like their photo taken, and their spontaneity and imagination make every session interesting (and that’s not necessarily the word you want to use on a film set to describe how things are going…).

That said, this little session was lovely to capture; beautiful evening light, beautiful kids who obviously love each other, and a delightfully goofy chocolate Lab. No cajoling or bribing necessary. Not even the dog…

“When I look through the lens, I see life.” ~ Ali Edwards

xo ~ K

Copyright K.A.Moore Photography

Copyright K.A.Moore Photography


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