Holiday Tidings | Reflections

Merry Christmas, all! A tad late to say it but I think I have good reason…well actually I’ll make a few excuses about being with family.

I do hope that the holidays have brought good tidings to all you fabulous people out there! For once I was able to spend the holidays back here in England, away from Seattle…they are both homes to me. I have spent half my life in the Pacific Northwest, but my family and heart lie in England, usually so very far away.
It’s been crazily busy, seeing relatives and friends, joining in with festivities and food that I normally miss out on. My son has had the chance to feel included and involved (as well as reprimanded by many people who care!), which is what he so lacks and yearns for, and it’s been a treat to see him within the family I knows he wishes were always around.

I suppose I could lament about how I didn’t get my proper trip to London this time, how I didn’t get to go the cat cafĂ© that I set my heart on. How I didn’t get to see some of the long lost friends that I wanted to, and most assuredly how I didn’t get the chance to slow down and spend time out taking the photographs that I wanted to (well there’s never enough time for all the photographs I want to take). I hadn’t spent Christmas here since 1999! I hope everyone had time to enjoy their families and friends, because they are precious gift.

I am flying back to Seattle today, much sooner than I’d like to, and with a heavy heart about leaving family I wish I could be with more often, as well as the green field-checkered landscape that is unspoiled in my mind. But I have to focus on what I’m bringing back, if it’s not what I’ll go back to. Aside from entirely too much Lego brought by Father Christmas/ Santa for my boy, I’ll be bringing back a business plan that I’ve been working on to relaunch my photography venture, goals for the coming year (look out!!), and new memories. There are several memory cards of images that I need to back up and process too.

I wish everyone well and hope you all hang in with me in 2015; I’ll be posting about my new photography session offerings really soon! So excited for the New Year. On my way to the airport right this minute!

merry christmas from K.A.Moore Photography, Seattle Pet & Lifestyle Photography

Wishing you peace, love and joy this Christmas.
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Have a Merry Meowy Christmas | Seattle Cat Photography

It’s been a busy few weeks of photo-taking and editing as the holidays have drawn closer (and Doomsday didn’t happen, woohoo!), so I’ve been in full-on photog mode…and I’ve not even had time to do my own Christmas cards and photos! But it has actually helped replace some of the personal stressors going on; I’ve found some editing projects to be quite good stress relief, as I’m up til about 3am in the morning making everyone look perfect, and then I just crash when my head hits the pillow. That said, this girl needs at least a Christmas Day break!Bob 1 web

There are a great many cats and kittens who have happily found their forever homes this cold holiday and for that, I am so happy, but there are always innumerable amounts of animals who don’t have a warm home with love in it, and even more who are either sitting in shelters or worse than that, abandoned and stuck outside in frigid temperatures, or awaiting a deadline for euthanasia. I hope that the Christmas spirit extends beyond the holidays and a sparkly new year is in store for many deserving kitties that I know.

Midori 1A webMay you and yours enjoy a fabulous holiday tomorrow – hold your family and your animals close and show them a lot of love!

xo ~ K

“Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts. ” ~ Janice Maeditere

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