Have a Merry Meowy Christmas | Seattle Cat Photography

It’s been a busy few weeks of photo-taking and editing as the holidays have drawn closer (and Doomsday didn’t happen, woohoo!), so I’ve been in full-on photog mode…and I’ve not even had time to do my own Christmas cards and photos! But it has actually helped replace some of the personal stressors going on; I’ve found some editing projects to be quite good stress relief, as I’m up til about 3am in the morning making everyone look perfect, and then I just crash when my head hits the pillow. That said, this girl needs at least a Christmas Day break!Bob 1 web

There are a great many cats and kittens who have happily found their forever homes this cold holiday and for that, I am so happy, but there are always innumerable amounts of animals who don’t have a warm home with love in it, and even more who are either sitting in shelters or worse than that, abandoned and stuck outside in frigid temperatures, or awaiting a deadline for euthanasia. I hope that the Christmas spirit extends beyond the holidays and a sparkly new year is in store for many deserving kitties that I know.

Midori 1A webMay you and yours enjoy a fabulous holiday tomorrow – hold your family and your animals close and show them a lot of love!

xo ~ K

“Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts. ” ~ Janice Maeditere

Xmas timeline copy


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