Wings of Rescue Mission 9.27.18| Seattle Pet Photography

I don’t think I’ve met a Wings of Rescue┬ámission yet that was all cats but this one was cats AND Jackson Galaxy, and I do believe it was the first time he got the chance to fly on one of the flights up from California to us here in Seattle. His report was that the lone puppy that was on board was responsible for any stinkiness, he did nod off for a second, and it was clear weather all the way up on their trip.

Copyright K.A.Moore Photography20180927 Wings of Rescue LR10_web.jpgCopyright K.A.Moore Photography

I love meeting these flights, knowing that all the animals are getting a second chance up here, that so many people have come together to make it happen…it’s really quite amazing. Those worried little faces in those crates under the wing of the plane on the runway will soon find homes up here by way of several different rescues; naturally since I’m out there taking photos for Seattle Area Feline Rescue, we picked up six kitties to take back to the North end in ‘William’ (that’s the name of our stylish van).

For the FULL ALBUM of images that I took, click HERE!!

**Link for the rescue’s Nine Lives Gala will be up soon!


The Purr-fect 2016 Rescue Cat Calendar | Seattle Cat Photography

I’m writing after a really busy week (being on CreativeLive for a Street Photography course, meeting the #CatDaddy Jackson Galaxy, plus photographing a Wings of Rescue mission, which I’ve already shared about in my previous blog post), but now I DO need to feature the 2016 calendar that I just finished for Seattle Area Feline Rescue…because I’m just so excited about it!

For several years, I’d been thinking it would be great to put a calendar out there featuring cats from the rescue (I usually create a personal one for myself, as it is), but it’s something you need to have some investment in on the back end, and we hadn’t got around to organizing in recent years due things like our rescue moving.

So when the Director of the Board asked if I could I put a calendar together in a few weeks to see how well we do this year with one, I jumped at the chance. I wouldn’t have time to do styled shoots for each month with such short notice (although that’s not my general M.O.), and I was entrusted to make my own choices of the cats based on a variety of adults, kittens, and seniors, but then I started looking at my massive catalog of cats just from this year, and it looks something like this…

I ultimately realized how HARD it was to make choices about which cats to put in! I have so many favorites images, but there are only 12 months, and I didn’t dare ask a bunch of people because then I could disappoint people who are volunteers, who foster our cats, etc., who would like to see their cats featured. All these cats are special, and I remember them all. Their stories are all unique and I could write a BOOK about all the cats I meet and about the time I experience when I photograph these sweet felines.

The only image I was sure of immediately was the cover, and that was to feature James. He came to us in a terrible state, transferred in from another shelter, suffering from diabetes, malnourished, shaved to rid his fur from fleas and terrible matting, and he had loss muscle tone in his legs. He had to have all his teeth removed due t0 his dental problems and he required a large amount of medical treatment and TLC. BUT he has come a LONG way since that time, and was adopted by his foster ‘parents’. (I’d like to do a follow-up photo session now!) But his image was and is a favorite of many, and it stands out. When Jackson Galaxy took a calendar at his booksigning event the other night, he was an immediate fan of James’ funny little face too.

Below is a slideshow featuring the cats from the calendar; they appear in this order: James, Mia, Muffin, Gonzo, Stella, Dora, Princess Buttercup, Jack, Moose, Halo, Black Violet, North & South, Cortana.

*All Images Copyright K.A.Moore Photography.

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Calendar details: In the calendar I made sure to put in pet and animal holidays and important days to remember, like National Black Cat Day, for all you cat fans out there. The images are full spread so you can gaze upon the one cat of the month, and the spiral bound calendar is printed on matte paper for easy writing. There are also reminders in there about how you can support our rescue, and all the proceeds from calendar sales support the cats and kittens of the rescue. It is the average calendar size of 8×10 inches, and if you are a Seattle local, you can pay and pick up at the rescue with no shipping charge (an excuse to come and look at cats), but you can also pay to have a calendar shipped if you are further away.

Make your calendar purchase by clicking HERE (links to rescue page)

**Update: Calendars are now only available for sale AT the rescue. If you would like to CUSTOM ORDER one (I will start with next consecutive month), contact me directly**

  • 1 x 2016 Calendar for $15 if picking up locally at the rescue
  • 1 x 2016 Calendar for $20 includes shipping
  • other quantities are available on the rescue website link too

All proceeds benefit the cats and kittens in our care. And remember this is a limited run of the calendar so get it now!!

My copy has been signed by Jackson Galaxy though! Yours won’t be scribbled on.

This really is a beautiful rescue calendar filled with images I made with a lot of love and care; when I photograph cats at the rescue, I’m not doing it just to get a photo up on the web (although that’s something I need to do to get them noticed), I’m trying to show the beauty I see in that cat, so that others will see that too. I hope that shows in my work, whether you see it as a rescue cat or as standalone artwork. These really are some of my favorites from this last year; feel free to ask me why I featured them, or ask me their stories. I’ll be happy to share. I love them all!

Thank you for your support, and enjoy your purr-fect rescue cat calendar! Again, just click the following for the Seattle Area Feline Rescue Calendar purchasing page.

Bonus: If you get your calendar at the rescue, be sure to pick up one of these Rescue Special cards for half off a pet portrait session. This also goes for any cat adopter!

Father’s Day Post: Real Men Love Cats

First post since I came back from England; I’m a naughty girl for not posting anything sooner since I’ve been stateside! I have been busy wrapping up a mega session; that will be another post…

First of all, for Father’s Day, I want to say a big thank you to all the men out there who love cats, give cats wonderful homes, and especially who have come into Animal Talk to adopt one of our cats; many of those cats are adults and needed a home for a long time. I also always feel grateful to all the cat-loving folks out there like myself, who love their cats (and other pets) and give them safe and loving homes.

But the central point of my post here is that I’m a believer of the concept that real men are the ones who love cats!! (How dare she say that?!) I think there is a common (and I think silly) perception out there that cats often just make great pets for women, as opposed to men: that women are ‘cat-people’ and that dogs are MAN’s best friend. There are all sorts of quotes and opinions out there that perpetuate and demonstrate that stereotype, that women go with cats (and are likened to them, plus who can ignore the moniker “crazy cat lady”?), and men with dogs (and are likened to them!). Here’s a smattering:

“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” ~ Robert A. Heinlein

“If man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve man but deteriorate the cat.” ~ Mark Twain

“I am not a cat man, but a dog man, and all felines can tell this at a glance – a sharp, vindictive glance.” ~James Thurber

“Cats are very independent animals. They’re very sexy, if you want. Dogs are different. They’re familiar. They’re obedient. You call a cat, you go, ‘Cat, come here.’ He doesn’t come to you unless you have something in your hand that he thinks might be food. They’re very free animals, and I like that.” ~ Antonio Banderas

“Guys are like dogs. They keep coming back. Ladies are like cats. Yell at a cat one time…they’re gone.” ~ Lenny Bruce

Some of you blokes out there do enjoy the company of kitties, despite the pervasive stereotypes that women are ‘cat-people’, and men are ‘dog-people’. Supposedly though, men like dogs because they are obedient and submissive (which makes them ‘easier to own’, so they say) and enjoy simple things like catching a ball; they are also generally not so graceful when it comes to ‘grooming habits’ or eating (case in point: compare a cat cleaning itself with a dog doing so – no contest here, I think). Cats are seen as more complicated, demanding, overly-sensitive, and how can you argue with the grace and beauty of felines? I also asked my test subject – my five year-old boy – if he thought dogs/cats were more like men/women, and he said “Men are like dogs. Girls are like cats.” Hmmm, maybe it is quite obvious then.
Despite the number of people who are afraid of dogs, there is quite the number of people who are ‘intimidated’ or freaked out by cats; isn’t it interesting how a cat usually spots the human in the room that is not a ‘cat person’ and tries to convert them?! This intelligence I tend to liken to female (feline) intuition. And why is there a ‘Cat Woman’ and then the werewolf (I’ve never heard much about female werewolves)? I think it’s even common place to call a cat you don’t know as being a ‘she’, and a dog is at first assumption a ‘he’.

Mark Twain's cats "Wide Awake" photo by Elmira photographer Elisha M. VanAken, 1887  [Photos from the Dave Thomson collection] "He would call (the cats) to "come up" on the chair, and they would all jump up on the seat. He would tell them to "go to sleep," and instantly the group were all fast asleep, remaining so until he called "Wide awake!" when in a twinkling up would go their ears and wide open their eyes." - Anonymous article titled "The Funniest Writer on Earth. Some Anecdotes about Mark Twain," The Rambler, Dec. 24, 1898.

Mark Twain’s cats “Wide Awake”
photo by Elmira photographer
Elisha M. VanAken, 1887
[Photos from the Dave Thomson collection]
“He would call (the cats) to “come up” on the chair, and they would all jump up on the seat. He would tell them to “go to sleep,” and instantly the group were all fast asleep, remaining so until he called “Wide awake!” when in a twinkling up would go their ears and wide open their eyes.”
– Anonymous article titled “The Funniest Writer on Earth. Some Anecdotes about Mark Twain,” The Rambler, Dec. 24, 1898.

So here’s a list for you of some brilliant and famous men who were known to have many cats and/or were/are cat-lovers (and not afraid to say so). And my guess, with the writers listed, is that their cats were often found lying on their papers and manuscripts. It’s quite the interesting list:

Winston Churchill Charles Dickens

Albert Einstein T.S. Elliot

Ernest Hemingway John Lennon

Freddie Mercury Isaac Newton (he even invented the modern-day cat-flap for doors)

Mark Twain Edgar Allen Poe

Confuscious Franklin Roosevelt

H.G.Wells Marlon Brando

James Franco Jack Kerouac

Joey Ramone Kurt Cobain

Bill Clinton Jackson Galaxy (cat whisperer, host of ‘My Cat from Hell’: a show you HAVE to see)

Coincidentally, there are quite a number of cats that look like Hitler ('Kitler') as if to say 'stuff it'; enough for there to be the website

Coincidentally, there are quite a number of cats that look like Hitler (‘Kitler’) as if to say ‘stuff it’; enough for there to be the website

*Now is a good time to point out that Adolf Hitler was well-known to despise cats. ‘Nuff said.

For any man who has been/is in my life, it has kind of been a personal requirement that they love animals, and that must include cats. I believe you possess considerable empathy and compassion to love animals (especially the aloof and complicated kitty), and that’s a biggie, at least for me. My man I think actually is truly jealous of the attention that my handsome Jeffers gets from me; maybe I should give him a kiss in the morning before the cat?!
So if you’re a guy who can unabashedly love the crazy ways of the feline: them being affectionate only when they want to, demanding and temperamental, thank goodness for you, and I think you’re in good company. Cats deserve to be worshipped like they expect to be!

So cheers and Happy Father’s Day to all you ‘cat-daddies’ out there – and here are some of the lucky Animal Talk cats that have been adopted by men from us recently. You rock!! And at least in my book, in case you didn’t know – yes, real men do love cats.

xo ~ K

PS. Our favorite male kitties though? They’ve been ‘fixed’…please spay and neuter!!

PPS. I love both dogs and cats…and I like that they are different. Suits me happily. But this tiger may well have been a cat in a former life.

Top L to R: MacDuff, Cami, Apache Middle L to R: Jaxyn, Squeaky,Poxie Bottom  L to R: Lenny, Clara, Sookie

Top L to R: MacDuff, Cami, Apache
Middle L to R: Jaxyn, Squeaky,Poxie
Bottom L to R: Lenny, Clara, Sookie