Wings of Rescue Mission 12.5.14 | Seattle Rescue Pet Photography

Hi there everyone –

I had the fortune of documenting a Wings of Rescue this week, and oh, what an amazing thing to be a part of…

Many dogs, as well as some cats, arrived on several flights (at Paine Field, here just north of Seattle) from Southern California destined for new lives by way of some great local Washington rescues. Close to 600 animals arrived on the rescue transports that day, not really knowing what is in for them, but were met with open arms and second chances. There are many words I could say to explain what this sort of thing represents to me, and how it makes me feel, but I’ll share my images with you instead, and maybe you can sense the hope and relief. You can see that there are many people involved – missions like this don’t happen without a lot of people involved.

I’m still overwhelmed at the sight of the sheer number of animals that came here…I wish we didn’t have to fly animals around to different places to find them homes, but I’m very, very glad we can. Wishing them all homes for the holidays!

*You can see a bigger and better version of these images over on My Flickr album.
**Many thanks to all the rescues involved…you rock!

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A dog is not a thing. A thing is replaceable. A dog is not. A thing is disposable. A dog is not. A thing doesn’t have a heart. A dog’s heart is bigger than any “thing” you can ever own.”
― Elizabeth Parker, Paw Prints in the Sand

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Rescued Moments 11.4.14 | Seattle Cat Photography

Hello folks –

If you read my posts on here, or follow my Facebook page, you undoubtedly see lots of pretty portraits of beautiful cats….proof is in the pudding that professional images of rescue animals gets adopters in through the doors of rescues and shelters, and gets those animals adopted. I can’t think of a more gratifying way for me to use my photography skills – it’s therapeutic for me –  and I’d encourage every photographer and artist to find a way to give back with their work. But hey, that’s another story…

The ‘story’ I have to share today is one with those images that I don’t expressly take or use for cat adoption but instead for documenting what happens at the rescue when I shoot. On just about every trip to the rescue when I go in to make cat portraits, I take my own behind-the-scenes images, those in-between moments, the photos that capture something extra,  something usually unseen in my usual work that people see. There are so many little moments with cats that are quiet and just so flipping adorable, that I have to share them. I am also transitioning my professional work of pets and family to be documentary-style, so it’s all just naturally falling this way for my photography these days. These are from my most recent visit to Seattle Area Feline Rescue. Enjoy and come back soon!!

**All Images are Copyright K.A.Moore Photography. All Rights Reserved.  Contact me directly for permission to share and purchase images. Thank you!*

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Fluffy little one trying to hold on to my fingers.

Fluffy little one trying to hold on to my fingers.

He's really turning on the 'cuteness factor now.

He’s really turning on the ‘cuteness’ factor now.


His direct eye contact makes it so hard for me to turn away!

His direct eye contact makes it so hard for me to turn away!

Friday Share | Reflections

Things to share! The recent creativeLIVE workshop that I took part in about Animal Photography was beyond inspiring and maybe some of you caught some of it. Rachael McKenna did photo sessions with cats, dogs, a bunny, a pig…it was a great chance to get to see how she worked, and gave me many thoughts and ideas for my own future shoots. Networking with other pet photogs was an added bonus, and I had the chance to meet some fellow members of HeARTs Speak – other photographers who devote their time to photographing rescue and shelter animals. To hear how Rachael went about her amazing book project ‘The French Cat’ and her latest, ‘The New York Dog’, was enlightening (although it just made me want to get on a plane and travel – I miss Europe especially!).

Me with Rachael McKenna

Me with Rachael McKenna! Photo by Karen Fosberg Photography.

The greatest message that I got from her was something she wrote in my copy of ‘The French Cat’ for me –  a reminder to “shoot from the heart, and be happy.” It’s something that I will keep in mind when I am bogged down with things, feeling challenged, and need a bit of a lift. It’s easy to forget to make sure to do some of what you want to be doing…


Another fab thing that popped up here at the start of April was being contacted by someone at, about having an article written about me. Little old me. I couldn’t even fathom why anyone would want to do such a thing, that it took a couple of tries by the writer to convince me that she had really been given an assignment to write about ‘Katherine…a Seattle-based photographer that also suffers from MS.” I’ll be interested to read her article, plus it forced me to reflect on how MS affects me being creative, and to create a headshot for it; I didn’t have one already so that was a task for me. I’ll have to teach my boy to do portraits soon! I’ll share the article here once that’s done.

AND I’ve been invited to photograph at the Average Joe Cat Show, which is put on by another cat rescue close to Seattle, Purrfect Pals, as well as have a booth/table for displaying my photography and work (my first chance to do so). The hard part so far is deciding what products to have ready, what kitty faces to show off!! It should be fun.


Enjoy this spring weekend. And here’s the headshot I submitted for the article…I’m being brave by sharing, so be nice if you say anything!

xo ~ K


“When do I see a photograph, when a reflection?”
― Philip K. Dick, A Scanner Darkly
Katherine 1A

Happy (Cat) Tails | Seattle Cat Photography 

Although not all my work is rescue cat photography, it does means a LOT to me, and whenever cats that I have photographed and got to know get adopted, I am always thrilled. It’s not lost on me that it takes a great many people to get adoptions happening, and in the end, there’s not just a happy cat (and happy rescue peeps!), there’s also a happy family and home that have a magical and unique being in their lives. These are just some of the lucky cats from Animal Talk that have been adopted in recent weeks, and all of them, as you can see, are full-grown cats, some with issues such as FIV, and many deemed ‘less-adoptable’. They are all safe today and that makes my heart sing!! Psssht, I say, to them being less-adoptable…they’re all gorgeous!

Thank you adopters everywhere!

xo ~ K

Be an earth angel. Adopt a not-quite-perfect dog or cat that needs you, and help it heal. Such a companion will teach you much about selfless love, generosity, and tolerance—becoming an earth angel for you.” ~


Rescue Pet Photography. Clockwise from top left: Sugarbaby, Zipper, Gigi, Tiggress, Harlequin, Genevieve, Clive, Eli, Cecilia, Pearl. Middle: Emmit. Copyright K.A.Moore Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Clockwise from top left: Sugarbaby, Zipper, Gigi, Tiggress, Harlequin, Clive, Genevieve, Eli, Cecilia, Pearl. Middle: Emmit.
Copyright K.A.Moore Photography. All Rights Reserved.

*Emmit was formerly known as MPB with us at ATR, but when our location was closed down, our wonderful friends at Purrfect Pals took him in. He is now happily adopted!!!

Rescued Cats of 2013 | Seattle Rescue Pet Photography

Is it really the end of another year?? The collage below is but a sampling of the cats that were rescued and placed in homes this year at Animal Talk, and really just shows a few out of the hundreds of cats I photographed. It was a jam-packed year, and the last month or two have been extremely busy in terms of cat photos; between adoption events and going to foster homes, I have been doing double-time as the rescue tries to keep adoptions going while we are still an all-foster network. But our new location will hopefully be up and running soon! I am glad that all the incoming animals will have brand new digs in 2014.

To all the people who have shown the rescue their support, and shown ME their support, thank you. I couldn’t continue the work of rescue photography through the harder patches without the good people that are in the middle of this too. I am grateful for the network of amazing people at HeARTs Speak, who constantly remind me that we are all making a difference in many animals’ lives, and I appreciate all that share their creative and personal wisdom with me.

But mostly to all of those people who chose to ADOPT a rescued animal this year, instead of shopping for one. There are just so many amazing and needy animals out there that deserve a loving home. In one respect I wish there weren’t going to be hundreds more cats that will need their photograph taken by me next year, but there will be, and I actually feel honored to play a part in helping them. And I will still be here ready for them…

xo ~ K

I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through.” – Jules Verne

Copyright K.A.Moore Photography. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or download.

Copyright K.A.Moore Photography. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or download.

PS. And I’ll share some people pics from 2013 tomorrow! And be sure to come find me on good old Facebook