Rescued Cats of 2013 | Seattle Rescue Pet Photography

Is it really the end of another year?? The collage below is but a sampling of the cats that were rescued and placed in homes this year at Animal Talk, and really just shows a few out of the hundreds of cats I photographed. It was a jam-packed year, and the last month or two have been extremely busy in terms of cat photos; between adoption events and going to foster homes, I have been doing double-time as the rescue tries to keep adoptions going while we are still an all-foster network. But our new location will hopefully be up and running soon! I am glad that all the incoming animals will have brand new digs in 2014.

To all the people who have shown the rescue their support, and shown ME their support, thank you. I couldn’t continue the work of rescue photography through the harder patches without the good people that are in the middle of this too. I am grateful for the network of amazing people at HeARTs Speak, who constantly remind me that we are all making a difference in many animals’ lives, and I appreciate all that share their creative and personal wisdom with me.

But mostly to all of those people who chose to ADOPT a rescued animal this year, instead of shopping for one. There are just so many amazing and needy animals out there that deserve a loving home. In one respect I wish there weren’t going to be hundreds more cats that will need their photograph taken by me next year, but there will be, and I actually feel honored to play a part in helping them. And I will still be here ready for them…

xo ~ K

I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through.” –¬†Jules Verne

Copyright K.A.Moore Photography. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or download.

Copyright K.A.Moore Photography. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or download.

PS. And I’ll share some people pics from 2013 tomorrow! And be sure to come find me on good old Facebook


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