Hello world!

So here it is! I am setting myself up with a site and a blog so that I may share my photos and my thoughts with the world around me. I am chiefly motivated by my desire to do a couple of things:

~ to share my photography and to grow personally and creatively through it

~ to raise awareness about the issues that inspire my photography; animal welfare, rescue and adoption is at the heart of my volunteer cat photography (at Animal Talk Rescue here in Seattle)

~ to create some freelance work for myself; as mum of a preschooler, I’ve been kept very busy with my little boy for the last few years, but I’m needing to feed my creative soul and share my skills. I used to work hard in the crazy world of film production but the hours and investment are just not conducive to being a mama, and my health, energy and time are far better spent these days on smaller, more personal and soulful projects

~ to bear witness – with my camera – to all those fleeting moments in time, so fleeting that the best thing I know how to do, is to take a photo. I enjoy helping to catch other people’s moments, the moments that you want to commit to memory…the ones you want to share

It’s late and I must sign off before I eat too much Theo dark chocolate while I’m online.

Leaving the blogosphere with one of my favorite Diane Arbus quotes:

A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know. – Diane Arbus

Goodnight all ~ xo K


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