Billy, backdrops and moggy memories | Seattle Cat Photography

I have quite a few different photo projects in the works and am busy deciding on oh-so-many things I would love to have in order to make photo shoots extra pretty and special. Spending ‘just a few minutes’ on Etsy is dangerous (for the shrinking wallet), but I have stumbled across one particular shop, Una Chica’s Chic Boutique, where I adore the photo backdrops and hope to be ordering a couple of them very soon. I just entered their giveaway (as I wait for their baseboards to dry…) for one of their ‘fur’ photography props; how sweet would a kitten look on one of those??! Head on over to the blog here to link and share away for your own entry…although I am crossing my own fingers for myself….

It’s been a grey, windy, chilly day or so here in Seattle, so some photo editing is an ideal way to spend the afternoon and evening. This handsome old Siamese kitty is my friend Christina’s dear Billy; here he is with his birthday hat on. Those iceberg blue eyes show years of wisdom and devotion… As my own old moggy Milo is around the same age, I understand wanting to capture a dear friend with photos, before crossing that Rainbow Bridge. It’s difficult to see an animal that you have shared your world with getting older and more frail, but I think you can still see a kitten in those pretty eyes. I hope to help many new and old friends capture memories of their animal companions with that handy dandy camera of mine.

Billy modelling his 16th birthday party hat

You’re a handsome boy, Billy!

“It often happens that a man is more humanely related to a cat or dog than to any human being.” ~ Henry David Thoreau


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