Learning about Lightroom, Scissors & Mud | Reflections

It never stops, does it? The learning, that is…

I learned quite a lot about the above said things over the last few weeks. I’ve got Lightroom 4 up and running on my computer and I’m finding out how best to streamline my photo editing and organizing. And I know I’ll continue to learn more about what LR4 can do for my photography ‘habit.’ I’ve also learned that little boys like mud. They really really really like mud. So much that you have to strip them down to their birthday suits in the ‘Tulip Town’ parking lot so they don’t get into the car like dirty muddy piglets. Side note: Roman was born in the Year of the Pig.

I’ve also learned that my 4 year-old should not be left in the living room with his craft scissors (aren’t they supposed to be blunt?) while his parents have a bit of a lie-in lest he starts cutting his hair off. Okay, maybe he did need a haircut and it will grow back, but now my boy has a ‘fade’ on one side of his head and the shortest hair he’s had since he was a baby (the lop-sided mullet he gave himself had to be fixed). I will now cross this experience off my parenting bucket list.

As usual, I am posting to my blog in the wee hours of the morning. I’m still a night-owl, even though I’m actually exhausted with a headache…but I must sleep. I have a lot of kitten and cat editing to do ‘tomorrow’ (adorable photos coming!). It’s also Mother’s Day here in the States; maybe my boy will let me sleep in bed a bit longer as a treat (and if I bribe him probably). And yes, I have hidden the scissors.

Happy Mama’s Day, everyone!!!

xo ~ K

Tulip Town

Proud Muddy Piglet


4 thoughts on “Learning about Lightroom, Scissors & Mud | Reflections

  1. aleafinspringtime says:

    Such heartwarming gorgeous photos! Your photos are not only technically amazing, they also feel so alive, shimmering with life and so full of energy and atmosphere. You know at least you have a reason that your son walks around with a funny haircut – HE did it. What can you say when it’s the combined effort of a genius father and mother who recently decided they wanted to try out their haircutting skills on their own kid and gave him a bowl shaped haircut to remember?! 😀 Happy Mother’s Day to you. Hope you got to sleep in late 😀 Here’s a little gift for you to be watched with a favourite cup of tea, feet up on cosy chair. Have a great day! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=gXDMoiEkyuQ Sharon


  2. Elanor says:

    I never cease to be blown away by your pictures. Roman is learning the power of cause and effect: I cut my hair and today it is still short. A powerful lesson. I hope you had a happy Mom’s day. I miss you!


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