Exceedingly Cute Kittens | Seattle Cat Photography 

I thought I would share this trio of exceedingly – no, insanely CUTE kittens, that I just re-edited. I took it way back close to beginning of my volunteer photo work at animaltalkrescue.org – the kittens were adopted in a heartbeat (how could they not have been?!) and were called about as soon as this photo went up on Petfinder  and they weren’t even ready for adoption yet! We are going to send a copy of this to big donors at the rescue as a little thank you for helping save lives.

What my rescue photos don’t show, and I should show everyone some day, is the space that I take them in. I usually take them actually at the rescue itself in tiny small spaces (I take some of cats in their foster homes), with no way to set up lights and within a very short period of time; usually within 10 minutes and with the help of someone distracting them so they don’t jump off the table (or filing cabinet!) and run off. It’s really remarkable that these three actually posed and looked in the right direction for me…so, thank you, Moxie, Tango and Cozette! I hope that you three are enjoying pampered happy kitty lives now.

Now back to photo editing!!

xo ~ K

If you haven’t any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.  ~Bob Hope

**REMINDER: Please do not share, copy or reproduce my photos without prior written permission. They are copyrighted and all rights are reserved by K.A.Moore Photography, & Katherine A. Moore. Thank you!!**


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