Kitty Love: another Jeffers Post | Seattle Cat Photography

A little personal cat post today. I’ve had many conversations about cat rescue, adoptions and fostering this week PLUS I had an emotional week with helping my bestie have her baby (yes, all the way through cutting the umbilical cord in the operating room, and holding him first), and this had me in some mushy emotional moments, so here’s my feline one…

If you don’t know by now (how could you not?!) I take a LOT of photos of cats as volunteer photographer for the local cat rescue, Animal Talk, and my boy Jeffers ‘found me’ there. I now take more photos of rescue cats than I get to take of my own these days, but I snap a few whenever I can (even if just on my iPhone instead of on my usual DSLR). I have a deep affinity for every animal that has come into my life, and Jeffers (my latest rescue) is no exception. On one of my first trips to the rescue to get a batch of new photos done, I was taking photos of the adult cats in the small kitty Room 1. This little flirt of a cat Jeffers kept trying to get my attention, pawing me,


First session of Jeffers In Room 1

cocking his head to the side, and literally posing for me. After a few more trips to the rescue and doing photos in that room, with Jeffers wanting my attention badly, I mentioned probably more than a few times that I so wished I could take him home, but the adoption fee was beyond me at that time. I planned to put him on hold and figure out money to do it anyway. But some people/person there, who wanted to stay anonymous, decided to surprise me by paying the fee so I could have him, because of all my photography I was doing there, turning around the rate of adult cat adoptions with it all. It’s easy to get cute little kittens adopted with no photo, let alone a bad one; the adult cats get passed over constantly and they need to get noticed. They have a lot of love to give though and I want that to show.

Adopting an animal is something I don’t take lightly, and seeing so many animals all the time that I know need homes, I wish I could take them all home. I know that doing my rescue photos (and fostering) is way more valuable and needed than adopting them all.But how could I resist this handsome face? Jeffers and I have developed a strong bond in the last year; I think rescue animals (well, all of mine are!) naturally show their gratitude for human kindness and a warm lap, and I know my boy is happy to be in my life. He has gradually become a cat I can hold (that wasn’t possible when I brought him home), become friends with the rest of my menagerie, and enjoys basking in the window light, snuggling into my arm when I’m editing on my laptop, and hanging out on the shower wall when I take a shower (he’s a looky-loo). I can’t imagine my world without my animal companions; I don’t ‘own’ them but they own my love and a special place in my heart. They don’t talk back, they know when you’ve had a crappy day, and they don’t laugh at you when you sing along to music doing the housework or while in the shower. I wish more people could see and feel the unconditional love and light that comes from having an animal spirit in their world.”


Some of me posting this is a reminder for people to think of adopting an adult cat, and some of it represents how much value I see in having photos for myself. Don’t you still want real prints and photos on your wall?

If you haven’t yet, please go and check out my Facebook page . Lots more cats and info and updates on my current work and sessions too!

Kitty love to you xo ~ K

“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.”
~ Jean Cocteau


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