Kitties looking for their Valentine | Seattle Cat Photography

So I have a little running joke with the ‘man of the house’ that my handsome cat Jeffers is my kitty boyfriend…he will sit staring at me, giving me his sweet little kitty looks (the ones where they slowly blink at you) and will jump onto my shoulder to snuggle in my hair, and apparently I give him too many kisses. But like anyone who has had a bond with a companion animal friend, that’s unconditional love you can’t pass up! And whoever it was that said that cats can’t be loyal, well, they just haven’t met the right one yet.

Well, obviously I know a great many cats through Animal Talk Rescue and they are so ready to share their furry, snuggly, warm love with the right ‘companion human’. Here are some special kitties looking for some love this Valentine’s Day (or any day soon!); alas, no cat would dress up like cupid for me…

“What greater gift than the love of a cat?”  ~ Charles Dickens

Abe, with his 'come hither' look

Abe, with his ‘come hither’ look

Bear (all 28 pounds of him!)...that's big love there

Bear (all 28 pounds of him!)…that’s big love there

Claudia, just looking adorable

Claudia, just looking adorable

Little Miss Mary

Little Miss Mary

Iris, sitting pretty

Iris, sitting pretty


Jaxyn & Poxie



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