Rescue Kitty Alumni | Seattle Cat Photography

I often think of all the cats that have been adopted out from Animal Talk Rescue and wonder how they’re doing. My own Jeffers was from there and I know he is doing wonderfully…

The many cats who find their way through the rescue have varied histories and colorful characters, and when I go back to the pictures I have taken of them, it all comes back to me. Everyone who works or volunteers at an animal rescue or shelter, who works closely with adoptions and fostering, gets to know the animals quite intimately; you have to really understand the animal in order to find the best fit for them in a new home. I’m not really talking about the kittens (or puppies here), I’m talking about the adults, who have a harder time getting re-homed.

I have been working on a collage to put up at the rescue, and got carried away, wanting to put bigger ones together for myself, with some of my most favorite photos and kitties; the rough mock-ups of said collages are below (name those cats, ATR folks!). I am now thinking they would be fabulous if others out there wanted to purchase these prints in the future too…that’s if you like lots of pretty kitties looking intently at you and you can handle their cuteness.

I’ve been AWOL from photographing cats at the rescue for several weeks, thanks to illness, and am looking forward to snapping away at them this week hopefully. Let me know what you think of the collages and thanks for checking in!

xo ~ K

Copyright K.A.Moore Photography - All Rights Reserved

Copyright K.A.Moore Photography – All Rights Reserved. DO NOT COPY.

Copyright K.A.Moore Photography – All Rights Reserved. DO NOT COPY.


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