Wings Of Rescue, Summer ’16 | Seattle Rescue Pet Photography

I did a bit of a goof and left this post in my drafts, even though these images of mine make my heart sing. I’ve photographed a couple of these amazing Wings of Rescue missions before, but hadn’t for a while, so it was high time I documented another flight coming in.

The rescue I photograph for, Seattle Area Feline Rescue (SAFeR), is now regularly receiving rescue transports from California and Hawaii, thanks to Wings of Rescue AND the ASPCA (via our friends Alaskan Airlines), and I can’t explain how blown away I am by the power of this community rescue work. The math is pretty simple: we have higher adoption rates here in the Greater Seattle Area, than in CA, Hawaii, and in Eastern WA, where we usually get our cats from. Many times, these animals will have been waiting for a while in shelters where they came from, but will get adopted in a fraction of that time on this end.

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Love is in the air…and on the ground, waiting for them, every time. There are also smiles all around when that plane touches down; with this flight, I was able to meet the Founder and Pilot in Command, Yehunda Netanel, as he was flying the flagship plane that day. And that little plane holds a lot of crates!!

EVERY time I document any rescue transport coming in, and I photograph these little animal faces peering out, with them not knowing what’s going on, I see this contrast of their anxiety with the smiles of the volunteers, and I wish I could assure them that their second chances had already arrived and it would be okay. The whole experience really warms my soul.

Let me know what you think when you see these images, and about these missions! I’d love to hear from you!

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8 thoughts on “Wings Of Rescue, Summer ’16 | Seattle Rescue Pet Photography

    • kamoorephoto says:

      Thank you!! You know what the pilots have told me? Once they get to a certain altitude, they all get quiet up there! Both the cats and dogs. It’s once they get back down on the ground they’re noisy again…

      Liked by 1 person

      • natjtan says:

        Aw! I guess it might be the pressure on landing that makes them more talkative. And the excitement of somewhere new. They probably know it’s a good somewhere new!


  1. Cory Turnbull says:

    Do you know when the photo of the dog on your header was taken? Looks exactly like ours from wings of rescue in November 15, in CDA, ID


    • kamoorephoto says:

      The header of the dog in the crate? All photos featured are mine. There is a photo that has been shown on the WOR pages somewhere of the pilot with the pup in the cockpit, from a previous flight, and that’s mine also. Is that the one you mean? The pup in the crate?


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