‘I am NOT less lovable!!’ | Seattle Rescue Pet Photography

Long time, no see! It has been a busy month for me, and one project I have been helping get off the ground with my photography, is a new campaign for Animal Talk Rescue on Facebook – ‘Adopt less-adoptable cats’. The campaign is simply to highlight that ‘Less-adoptable cats doesn’t mean less lovable! It just means they tend to be overlooked because of their age, shyness, medical condition or black fur (yes!).’

Here, at the only no-kill cat rescue within the Seattle City limits, we are hoping to get some of these wonderful cats adopted during this special campaign where there is 20% off the adoption fee ($80). so if you breeze by my blog here, I’d love it if you hopped over to Facebook to like our new campaign Adopt less-adoptable cats. It’s also, quite appropriately, National Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month; the oldies are the goodies!

Here are just a few of these amazing cats at ATR right now; click on the images to read their bios; they all have a story to tell…

Less-lovable, indeed!

“What greater gift than the love of a cat?”  ~ Charles Dickens

xo ~ K




One thought on “‘I am NOT less lovable!!’ | Seattle Rescue Pet Photography

  1. Tracy says:

    Absolutely lovely photographs! And what a beautiful way to give back to these amazing kitties. I know that you’re definitely making a difference. Thank you!


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