It’s the Little Things… | Seattle Pet Photography

I hope this finds you well on this holiday, #Thanksgiving, one that I hope you are spending with family, friends, and animal friends who you love and cherish. I think it’s a great time to stop and think about not only the big things we are grateful for, but also all the little things that make our worlds complete, and for me, that boils right down to even the shortest of comments I get from you on my posts so I know that checked in with me that day, here and on my Facebook page. THANK YOU for following along and appreciating my work, my images; I appreciate every one of you. It’s the little things…

Peter 1 little things

Bongo 1 web

I am insanely grateful for every single person who volunteers with animal rescues, I love you all!

And I’m beyond grateful for the animals in my own life, for their companionship, their unconditional love, them being my inspiration.

And holy moly, I am grateful to every pioneer of photography and the camera (they are my superstars). Now that it’s 2015, we take for granted that they exist (although we could without all the selfies), but imagine the world today without the invention of photography. Had pioneers like William Henry Fox Talbot not created the first photographic negative in 1835, taken of a small window at his home, we wouldn’t be quite where we are today. Being able to encapsulate our lives and memories on camera, freeze time and tell stories, make change and stir feelings within others with single images, as well as with the moving image, is something I’m so grateful for.

Anyway, have a fabulous holiday weekend. Be good to your loved ones. They’re there when everything else is stripped away.

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. ~  JFK

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