Get your 2018 Cat Calendar! | Seattle Cat Photography

It’s that time!! I’m so excited to say that I’ve finished designing the 2018 calendar for Seattle Area Feline Rescue and it’s ready to go! It’s always so hard for me to narrow down all the photos that I take in the year of all the rescue kitties and choose JUST twelve for it, but I eventually decided (no small feat).

38471966281_5df34b7ced_o.pngSo how do I choose?

First of all, I usually choose some of my favorite photos and kitties – they represent me, after all! And I want everyone to be seeing beautiful images all year long. Secondly, I try to put cats in the calendar that have awesome rescue stories, since we get so many kitties that come through with memorable tales that are hard to forget. It’s also so important to what we do at our rescue, since we take in so many difficult cases and it’s always so wonderful when those cats get their forever homes. Thirdly, I try to show a variety of the kind of cases and cats that come through our doors: we get everything from bottle babies to seniors, from cats who are highly special-needs cases to ones that would seem to be adoptable at first sight. We get our kitties from all over: Eastern WA, California, Hawaii, and this year, from the floods of Texas and the wildfires of California, but I can’t all of them in; alone I do my ‘special photos’ of hundreds, but we adopt out over a thousand a year (which is a lot for a small rescue). I’m so proud!

And the cover goes to…


This kitty was the lucky bidder (well, his mama was) at our annual benefit in September for a chance to be on the cover of the calendar, so I went over to his house to get his photos…the above were some outtakes. Stealing catnip, enjoying a lot of catnip, cleaning himself… But his cover image is VERY handsome. He will be very pleased.

Details: THE CALENDAR is 11″ x 17″ wire-bound, lots of room to write, and I included2018 preview lots of cool cat holidays. The paper stock is a smooth satin finish that is nice to write on, and of course, has 13 glorious kitties for you to gaze upon.

Below is the link to the form to order the calendar; you can pre-order now (they will be at the rescue for pickup on Black Friday/Nov 24 or there is an option for them to be mailed). $19.99 in person, or $24.99 with S&H.


Every calendar helps support the rescue; keep these kitties in your home all year long! They make perfect holiday gifts and this batch might sell out so order right away.

Thanks for all your support!! Let me know if you get one. I’d love to hear!


5 thoughts on “Get your 2018 Cat Calendar! | Seattle Cat Photography

  1. elizabetcetera says:

    I got my Seattle cat calendar last year and I’m getting one this year. I love the stories about the cats and the photos are lovely. I like that these are truly life stories and the cats look natural. Looking forward to another year of beautiful pics! ❤ 🐈


  2. elizabetcetera says:

    This past year I saved each of the cat stories from the 2017 calendar for my young niece and nephew to read — they love cats too; today they are out looking for a new kitty!

    Woo hoo! JUST ORDERED my calendar. So, so excited. I hope the proceeds of this calendar can help my little meowy friends miles away even though I’m here in Texas! I’m looking forward to the new little stories this year and all the photos.

    Keep up the beautiful work!

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    • kamoorephoto says:

      I’m so happy to hear this!!!! I really hope you love the calendar this year. I’ll also have you know that we took in kitties to the rescue at the time of the Texas floods (although those guys didn’t make it into the calendar; there were just too many stories). We also took in kitties from the CA wildfires. It’s been a busy year! Anyway, I’d love to hear what you think when you get your calendar! Thanks again, Elizabeth. That really makes me happy.


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