Wordless Wednesday: Finley | Seattle Cat Photo

Meet Finley. I just love this gorgeous face.





He’ll soon be adoptable and is hanging out getting used to people at Seattle Area Feline Rescue. Copyright K.A.Moore Photography. All Rights Reserved.





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11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Finley | Seattle Cat Photo

    • kamoorephoto says:

      Me and Finley say thank you. He’s a gorgeous cat. He just learning the best way now when to tell people he’s had enough affection, and for them to stop. He obviously hasn’t had much in the past so isn’t used to it!


    • kamoorephoto says:

      Thank you! We have these amazing round cubby holes that the cats love resting their heads on, and they create the perfect framing device for me for photos. I often encourage them to look at me through them so I can get a great shot of them that way. You can tell just how big and round Finley’s head is though, by the size of his head in the hole! But he’s incredibly comfy.


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